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I started because I was tired of the gym and the “typical” work out. Haven’t looked back since. You spend so much time there with the same people that they become your second family and the box your second home. Everyone pushes you to work harder and keep you accountable. Also you have the social aspect of Crossfit, which basically gives you a chance to hang out with your friends multiple times a week.

JP Luciano

Jas & Liz invited me to one of the Saturday free classes and I really enjoyed the group dynamic, everybody was friendly and the coaches were very helpful.

Mariano Velasquez

I joined Crossfit because I have always wanted to have a toned body and have some muscles. This is something that I really like now. One of the main reasons I fell in love with Crossfit was because of the motivation from my coach. So now I have decided to give it my all. From what I’m eating to working out I have to reach my goal. I know it’s going to be hard, but I’m willing to try as hard as I can to get where I want to be. To show the people who discourage Crossfit what I can do.

Liz Zelaya

I like the constant challenge of trying to get better and the friendly competition in WODs. There’s no way I would push myself to exercise as hard as I do in CF.

David Adkins

I’m definitely not the strongest, fastest, or most dedicated crossfitter- but I found out I can always do more than I think I can. I can finish the WODs- even if I’m last. I can lift those weights, I can climb the ropes, I can do it.

Carla Fiorito

Having the Pin Up community keeps me more accountable to my goals and having structured programming will keep things varied enough that I keep gaining strength and don’t lose interest.

Jordon Lehr

I was looking for a way to change up my workout routine and heard only good things about CrossFit so I decided to give it a try. After a most brutal… I mean great Saturday work out at Pin up, I was hooked. I liked the Coaches, the people, the atmosphere, and the fact that I couldn’t walk for two weeks.

Victoria Skipper

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  • Mind Tricks

    Hello hello! I bet most of you have been wondering where the heck I’ve been the last few months. Well, life happened, as it does. I’ve moved to a different neighborhood, so now Pin Up isn’t a hop and skip away anymore. The other thing keeping me away lately is my pursuit of a 200hr...
    November 17 2015
  • Fake It Til You Make It

    So this week may not be “fresh” material, but it’s all too important!  I wrote this entry back in 2011 and I feel it’s as relevant now as ever!  Take a peek: Did you ever go to a bar before you were 21? How did you act the time you went and got kicked out? How did you act the...
    November 04 2015
  • Why competing makes you better.

    Everyday we are experiencing some type of competition, getting gas aka looking for the closest station that sells the cheapest gas, getting groceries or finding a job, so why not apply some competition to your fitness. I am a firm believer that competition is what makes us better. Some of you all kn...
    October 16 2015
  • Who Doesn’t Love Vacation?

    Vacation is the best.  I think we can all agree on that: the break from the norm, the restfulness, the general sense of peace… all of it.  The part that sucks is coming back from vacation.  For two reasons, returning to everyday life (ie work) and reentry into the gym where your body likes to act as...
    October 10 2015
  • The Mobility Factor

    This is no stranger to any of us.  We’ve all had a tweak, injury, bum shoulder, tightness… Some days we get out of bed to pops and moans and groans.  We put our bodies through a lot.  We work long hours, sitting behind a desk, where the mental and physical fatigue sets in.  Then we rush to the gym,...
    October 01 2015
  • 3rd Annual Beach WOD

    Beach is looking great for the 3rd Annual Beach WOD tomorrow morning! Come down hwy 288 to Surfside Beach. When you come over the bridge go straight to the water, (you can drive on the beach) and hang a left on the sand. We’ll set up shop at beach marker #6. If you don’t want to drive on...
    August 22 2015