Progress Takes Time

I hear lots of talk from folks about wanting to work on form over anything else during a WOD. There are clients who prefer to focus on form/technique and go at a slower more comfortable pace instead of “lifting heavy” going “beast mode” or “all out” like those crazy nonsensical crossfitters seem to do.

Whats up with that? Are you a coward? Are you lazy or something?

I mean COME ON guys, its Crossfit for goodness sake, lets live up to the hype! Throw some heavy weight on and rock out a WOD or two…or three… Who cares about a little form gone wrong! Let’s get crazy fit. You just gotta brush off that nagging pain in your shoulder and lets be miserable together. What do ya say?!!!?

Do I have your attention yet?

Okay good. Because I’m totally kidding. OF COURSE you should work on form and technique if you haven’t quite got things down yet. OF COURSE, you should scale down to a light weight during the WOD so you can finish and function at your job the next day. OF COURSE form is always the priority during a WOD.

Our standards and expectations of clients at Pin Up CF is and always will be to have safe and proper technique of all movements during a WOD. No worries, you are definitely getting a great workout in while moving at a slower pace to fine tune your technique.

The Coaches job is to make sure that you are moving safely through the movements during a WOD. If your coach doesn’t add or take weight from your bar, then this means that you are at the correct weight for that WOD. If you are unsure, just ask. We can see who is pushing hard and who is fatiguing and losing their form, but more importantly who is fatiguing and moving safely still or not. If you are at risk of hurting yourself, we will ask that you take down the weight.

We can also see who is moving correctly and is still using a lighter weight than necessary. We can see that it would benefit you by adding a few extra pounds to the bar. We may mention that it “looks light” for you. If you hear this, it means that you are selling yourself short. You can add on weight and it will improve your performance and athleticism. We would never ask that of you, if we didn’t firmly believe that your form looks good. Doing this may help you breakthrough a plateau and get you out of your comfort zone which is always a good thing!


On the flip side.

Some folks may look crazy out there on the mats, throwing around super heavy weights (RX+++), grunting and moving through the WODs at lighting speed and then they do more work?! They are so “beast mode” and then they lay on the floor and whine about the hell they just went through. Some newbies, stuck-in-a-rut crossfitters or non-crossfitters may say it looks totally insane/crazy/unnecessary.

These peeps for the most part-are not “crazy-nonsensical” crossfitters that don’t know what they are doing. These are crossfitters just like you. They started off slow, increased weight over time, knew when to stop as to not get hurt and most important learned proper technique for all the movements. NOW they can rip through a workout and the results are amazing. They know how to move and have increased their athleticism and performance over time, years in most cases. It is really something to admire!

Bottom line, we have standards and high expectations of our clients at Pin Up. We want to see you come back month after month, year after year improving and maintaining your health and fitness.

Nothing, and I mean nothing makes a coach happier than seeing an athlete improve performance and become confident in themselves. However, it takes time. Be patient with your progress, work on form, listen to your coach and challenge yourself to become a Higher, Faster, Stronger, you.

Keep up the good work!

-Coach Alissa


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