Recap & Reminders

A few months ago we finished the 2016 Open, my first.  My favorite aspect of the Open was the community.  It’s great to get folks from all of our class times together to work out and then commiserate about the work out.  

My least favorite part of the Open was 16.5/14.5.  I was sore for three days after that little treat. One of the long-term benefits of the Open is that it points out areas where I can improve.  There’s nothing like 84 thrusters to remind me that I need to work on my flexibility so that I can get my elbows higher when the bar is in the front rack position or a few bar muscle ups to remind me that my kip needs to be tighter.

We all have areas where we would like to become more efficient. The single biggest improvements with my Olympic lifting occurred during our snatch clinic in 2015.  We had the clinic on a Saturday after our usual 9:00 workout.  I have to admit that I wanted to bail because I was tired from the WOD.  I stayed only because I had signed up and didn’t want to be a flake.  I was very glad that I did.  It was great getting input from three coaches that I could apply immediately.

 As I mentioned, in 2015, we had a Snatch clinic. Just  recently we kicked off the 8 week running clinic led by Jeff Foreman. Soon we will have a rowing clinic led by Martha Daniels and soon thereafter will be a gymnastics clinic!!  

I encourage everyone to take advantage of the opportunity to get specialized coaching by the experts during these clinics.  The benefits are long lasting.

-Coach Chad

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