It’s All In Your Head!

Plain and simple, you are your own restriction. In the middle of a workout if you feel like it burns and you can’t do another rep, you have to push past the mental fear and make your body keep moving. When you think to your self “ahhh I hate rowing”, get a rower, strap in and get pulling!  When you see a work out and you think to yourself, “This is going to suck!” Push that thought aside and move as fast as you can. There is nothing better than proving yourself wrong.  Surprise and surpass your own expectations. Remember that at the end of the week the scores on the white board are erased. So instead of shorting up the movement or counting a no rep, just to get a better time. Go that extra step, do that extra rep and know that next time you see that workout you’re going to crush it and surpass your previous time!

As you’ve heard the coaches talk about June being back to basics month, we wanted to bring attention to doing full range of motion and keeping those reps honest! Remember you’re here to make yourself better not to compete with Rich or Camille! Don’t let it end on July 1st. We want to keep enforcing it day to day.


-Coach Andres Ariza

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