Pin Up CrossFit started out from a desire and passion to fill a void in the Houston fitness community. The name ‘Pin Up’ came about from a brainstorming session between Andrew, Charlie, and Vic. It was selected because of what the Pin Up represents in society. A Pin Up is counter culture instead of mainstream, yet has a great following of passionate individuals and a strong symbolic presence.
Pin Ups even have a place in military history, and could often be seen adorning WWII bombers as nose art. The artwork became beautiful symbols of good luck for our patriots. With many service men and women involved in CrossFit, and with Vic’s background in the military, the symbolic significance is a great fit.

Pin Up Crossfit started out in a small building in Midtown. Within the first year we were bursting at the seams, barely able to contain our rapidly growing community. It quickly became imperative that the box find a new and larger home. The original location only had a handful of barbells, some bumper plates, and a homemade pull up bar. Our current location is equipped with loads of weights, barbells, kettle bells, and an extensive 50+ ft pull up rig, as well as a vast amount of additional space.


Pin Up CrossFit is who we are because of the people who walk through our doors every day. Our members put in hard work, training to be healthier, stronger, faster, and harder to kill.