Staying Injury Free

One common issue I see with people in CrossFit is staying injury free.  No, CrossFit does not cause injury.  No, you are not more likely to get injured because you do CrossFit, but there are certain things we need to consider.  When partaking in any type of physical activity there is risk, but the reward can far outweigh the risk.

In CrossFit, we strive to teach the fundamental movements.  Proper squatting technique, where we set the hips back and keep the shins vertical is key.  Overhead stability and mobility is important when throwing any type of weight overhead.  If we start with good movement, it is easier to keep.  If we get sloppy and loose form, we are more prone to injury.

Too many athletes are in a hurry to lift heavy weight without properly learning how to move.  Look at a toddler pick something off the ground, perfect form, every time.  At one point, we could all do this. When we lose it, it’s time to go back to the basics.  Here is a list of things we can do to stay injury free.

  1.  Continually work on your basic movements.  That’s right, get back to squatting deep, vertical shins, proper form.  If you can’t move like you used to, there is a reason, but it’s not your age.
  2.  Spend time on mobility.  A good rule of thumb is to spend 15 minutes of mobility for every hour that you workout.  If you continually skip these steps, eventually you will have tightness/mobility loss, which will make you more susceptible to injury.  You have coaches that are full of this knowledge…just ask!
  3. Listen to your body.  You know when you are hurting.  Most of the time it’s a bad idea to add weight if the last set hurt.  Take some time to identify the problem and work on the root.
  4.  Add in supplemental work for your weaknesses.  CrossFit does a great job of working the major muscle groups, however it’s always good to add stability/activation exercises for those little supporting muscles.  They can help us avoid injury and lift heavier!
  5.  Avoid mental injury.  Know when it’s time to take a break or try something new.  A couple added sessions of yoga or that boxing class you’ve been wanting to try can help. Mix it up, get away from the normal routine.

Avoiding injury can allow us to reach our goals.  Here are a couple of good links! -Coach Kevin

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